About Us

Viola Beuscher Ceramics is a small pottery label founded and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since 2015 Viola Beuscher has been intensively involved in the making of functional ceramics, approaching her desire for deceleration and concentration on the substance: manual work instead of mental work, mindfulness instead of distraction, quality instead of quantity. On the potter’s wheel and by hand building she aims to create timeless ceramic items.

Her focus is on everything that comes on the table:
Plates, cups, bowls, vases and more — Viola Beuscher wants to create pieces that are used and loved. In terms of surface and shape, her work is primarily guided by the inherent characteristics of the clay and emphasizes it — making each pot an unmistakable unique piece.

All products are weelthrown, hand built, sculpted from slabs and glazed by Viola and her team in the studio in Frankfurt am Main. No two pieces are the same. Little imperfections and unexpected details give it an unique feel and character.