Fire & Glaze for 2,5 kg clay

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For people, living around Frankfurt only (or people that have the possibility to bring their work back to our studio in person).
Once your pieces are air dried, you are free to set up an appointment (every Monday) for delivery with us and we will bisque fire it (first firing), glaze it and then fire (glaze fire) it again for you. When booking this option we will send you a range of 5 different glaze testers (transparent glossy, light blue glossy, black glossy and white glossy) and you get to decide which color your pieces are glazed in later on. It is very important that your work is carefully wrapped in paper so it won´t break once you arrive at our studio.

Please note: For this option air mailing is not possible.
Also: We cannot fire clay not bought from us because it might not work in combination with our glazes and our kiln!

Please remember you must mark your pieces for firing!

Pickup & Drop: Gutleutstraße 16A, 60329 Frankfurt
Monday: 16:00 — 19:00