Frequently Asked Questions


- Can I put the bought ceramics in my dishwasher or microwave?
"All products are watertight, dishwasher and microwave safe, however, handwashing will extend the quality and the life of your piece."




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- Can my pottered products break during the process?
"Unfortunately it is possible that your ceramics break during firing or even on the way to our studio as ceramic is a very fragile material."

- Why does the glaze on my ceramics look different than on the glaze tester.
"As glazing is a chemical process that works with natural incredients, slight variations in color are possible after firing."

- Can my pots have glaze drips oder little stones inside of the glaze?
"CLAY and GLAZE are natural materials that can have tiny stones and drips can appear."

- Why are there some darker spots inside of the clay after firing?
"CLAY is a natural product that might vary in color."

- Why is my cup/mug/vase/.. smaller than i made it in the first place?
"Ceramic products will shrink during drying and firing up to 10% of there initial state."


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