[PRE-ORDER] Dog Bowl M

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Please note: This is a pre-order and your item is made to order. From December 12th to December 31th you have the chance to pre-order the dog bowls. After the pre-order option is closed, we will make the pieces you have ordered. This gives us the opportunity to work sustainably and not overproduce. The dog bowls will be ready for pick up & send out to your homes in the beginning of February.

Diameter  19 cm
Height 6,5 cm

This piece is made of a spotted stoneware clay and food safe glazes. It is glazed in a transparent glossy / orange or light blue glaze on the inside and left raw on the outside.

Our items are all handmade with lots of love in our studio and show the marks of the process. Each piece is unique and shares the same making process, BUT: due to the nature of the process, it shows slight variation in form, color and size. 

All pieces are dishwasher safe, microwaves and ovens are discouraged.