x Hanna Marie Gropper

When Hanna Marie Gropper and Viola Beuscher met a few years ago, a close friendship developed immediately. The two craftswoman became important supporters along their individual ways of growing a small business. From early on it was clear to both that a cooperation and combination of their crafts had to become real one day. 

With the global crisis, both Hanna and Viola had to learn how to regain balance every day anew and how to find more awareness for themselves and the world around them.  

In early 2021 they sat down and created complementary work around this status. The result is a limited edition, containing a necklace by Hanna Marie Gropper and ceramic items by Viola Beuscher Ceramics -  both standing for forces acting on each other. Principles that do not overpower, but complement each other, becoming one.


Hannas work is available via www.hannamariegropper.com

Pickup: Gutleutstraße 16A, 60329 Frankfurt
Wednesday's 16:00 — 19:00