Winter Collection 21

The winter collection provides tableware essentials through every day life at home. While some pieces of the collection are thrown on the potters wheel to create minimalistic and delicate pieces with subdued glazes, other pieces are free hand built to put emphasize on the uniqueness of every piece. 

As most products include a glaze finish on the interior but are left raw on parts of the exterior, you are encouraged to feel the haptic differences and in doing so, add a moment of awareness to your daily routine.

Please note: our studio´s regular shipping & Pick Up day is Wednesday´s.

Please also note: This is a pre-order and your item is made to order. From January 16th to January 31st you have the chance to pre-order your items of choice. After the pre-order option is closed, we will make the pieces you have ordered. This gives us the opportunity to work sustainably and not overproduce. The pieces will be ready for pick up & send out to your homes after 6 to 8 weeks.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection