Spring Collection 22

Our spring collection 2022 combines timeless classics like the Otis vase or Nomi cups with new, seasonal products in fresh spring colors. Inspired by natural blossoms, soft yellow and light blue glazes meet calm earth tones.

With our handmade collection consisting of tableware such as cups, plates, and bowls as well as interior objects such as vases, jars, and jewelry boxes, we want to inspire you to cherish the small moments in life.

Time for the first party in the garden, on the terrace or balcony with your loved ones?
We invite you to set the table cozily to suit your personal taste and to celebrate spring with your family and friends.

The collection embodies our playful and experimental approach to tone, color and feel combined with the sense of functionality and elegant simplicity. In our delicate products, the focus is on craftsmanship through the language of form.