Alpujarra Edition

In January 2023, together with Sina from Clay Room and två studio in Münster, Viola ventured off grid to Las Mecias , a farm in the Alpujarra mountains.

Amidst nature's embrace, our limited collection mirrors Andalusia's earthy tones, from sun-soaked soil browns to almond blossom hues. Crafted with care and precision, each piece embodies our experiences — Sina's hand-building technique complementing Viola's wheel - throwing approach.

These creations capture rugged textures from our explorations and echo nature's fluid forms. Responsibly sourced wild clay lends authenticity, connecting each piece to the land that inspired us.

Hold these pieces and sense Andalusia's warmth, embracing the simplicity of the Alpujarra mountains. Each item shares our story amid Las Mecias' raw beauty — a piece of our journey inviting serenity into your home, becoming part of your own narrative.

With each order, we're thrilled to include a special herbal blend handpicked with love at Las Mecias, curated to complement the essence of our collection. 

We hope you like what we have created, 
Sina and Viola